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New Delta Style 95QD Split Seal A New Standard In Slurry Sealing

Advanced, split, hard face technology seals slurries without the need for double seals and their requirement of reliable, clean water barrier systems (plan 54).

Offers tremendous savings from:
- Reduction of water requirements of double seals
- Reduction of double seal failure due to water system unreliability

Only two major components assemble and install in three easy steps, setting a new standard for split seal ease of installation. This new design eliminates installation problems commonly associated with current designs:
- The gland and rotary unit come pre-assembled; seal installation takes minutes!
- The gland has all components, including the stationary seal face, preinstalled.
- The rotating unit has all components, including the rotary seal face, and o-rings, preinstalled.

Seal design uses only two elastomers (o-rings) minimizing leakage paths.

Rotary faces are stabilized under compression, utilizing o-rings for their shock and vibration absorption quantities

Millions of dollars to be saved:
- Elimination of pump teardowns caused by seal failure; 30 minutes per seal change and you are “back in business”
- No pumps run through maintenance shops because of seal failure
- No product contamination/dilution from double seal inboard leakage
- No heat loss in system caused by inboard seal leakage of packing flush water

Balanced stationary design results in low frictional heat being generated, extending seal life

Quench and Drain (integral to seal and requiring no extra parts) removes friction heat, associated with hard face sealing of slurries, while at the same time preventing build up of particles carried by the normal weeping of seals which may cause hang-up of springs and faces. Results are longer running without tremendous costs associated with failure due to unreliable barrier fluid systems.

Rugged, heavy-duty, gland castings with ridged bolting surfaces eliminates distortion related failures due to excessive bolt tightening (ex. 2 bolt designs), typically found with “low cost, light duty gland designs".

Gland design with concave polished bore provides maximum circumferential flow of liquid, that moves moving solids away from seal faces while keeping them cool.

On typical centrifugal pumps, seal design accommodates .002 shaft run out per inch of shaft diameter and .005 axial shaft movement (end play).

On low speed equipment, typically mixers and agitators, the seal design accommodates shaft run out of .062 for seal sizes up to 2.625 and run out of .100 for sizes 2.750 - 5.250. Axial shaft movement (end play) up to .015.

Special bolting plate adapters or box face adapters available when unusual bolting or box dimensions are encountered.

Choose from spare parts kits for field repairability or the optional factory repair program. State of the art, “User Friendly” design technology utilizes the least number of components, simplifying field repairability, resulting in the “lowest cost sealing program in industry”.

Off the shelf availability in size range from 1.437” through 5.250”.